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Behind the Blog: A Little About Me

4 Surprising Facts About Me

As anyone familiar with blogging may know, it can be a lonely venture. Thankfully, the blogging community is amazing! The opportunity to foster relationships with other bloggers has been an important part of the experience for me. Depending on your niche, the person behind the blog may be invisible.

In an effort to open up and share something about who we are as individuals, Olivia Lucie Blake came up with the idea of the Behind the Blogger tag challenge. As a new blogger, I feel humbled and honored to be tagged by Molly of Transatlantic Notes to take participate. You can read her post here.

How does it work? Well, I simply share 4 interesting or unexpected things about myself that you may not have known before. At the end, I tag more bloggers to do the same on their sites. It’s a great way for us to support each other while inviting our readers to learn more about us.

Here we go!

I Have Always Enjoyed Writing

Writing has always been a part of my life. I’ve written creatively, helped with term papers, resume’s and other business letters for the people in my life. I wrote a children’s bedtime story in college and while it was never published, I’m still proud of it.

Even though I love writing, I could never really picture how it might be something I could do full-time.

In my mind, writing went hand-in-hand with authorship. As in, being a novelist. I never pictured that for myself. Sustaining a story for hundreds of pages never appealed to me. I considered short stories, but that didn’t resonate either. And a poet, I am not.

Professionally, I found ways to incorporate writing through creating newsletters, team-training and program manuals, but that’s about it. I know that there are many, many more ways in which I could have made writing a career. I don’t have any excuses. I’ll just chalk it up to aimlessness and insecurity.

As ridiculous as it sounds, blogging never came to mind as a career. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it was more an outlet of creativity than a business. It just didn’t register — until it did. Becoming a mom opened my mind beyond my 9-5 mentality to explore what else was out there.

It’s early days, but I am excited to share, connect and inspire through the growth of Let’s Grow Mom.

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I Became a First Time Mom in My 40s

Speaking of becoming a parent, I did it for the first and only time in my 40s. What was I thinking? I have no idea! Well, my story is probably not unlike others.

I always assumed that I would have kids one day, but didn’t really have a timeframe in mind. It was going to happen… one day. I went to college, started working and finally felt like I had things under control. Then, I experienced some issues that brought me to a gynecologist not too long after I turned 40.

Through that experience, (which was terrifying) I found out I had PCOS. I learned I would likely need medical intervention for the possibility of becoming a mom.

The certainty I always had of becoming a mom was gone. When imagining motherhood as a girl and young woman, nobody thinks their body could prevent it from happening naturally. I never dreamed I had to consider other options.

Financially, the process for medical intervention would have wiped out everything I saved. And as many women know, there were no guarantees that it would work. Since my options were already limited, I came to terms that it was not meant to be.

About 1 month after let go of the idea of being a mom and 7 months after that ill-fated doctor’s appointment, I found out I was pregnant. Naturally. Even after 6 home pregnancy tests and a confirmation from my doctor, I didn’t believe it.

To say that I am blessed is the understatement of my life.

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I Am Allergic to the Sun

Wait a minute… what did she just say? You read it right, I am allergic to the sun. My photosensitivity causes me to break out in a very aggressive heat rash. The rash attacks my face, arms/ shoulders and thighs, but nothing else. It’s uncomfortable and just not cute.

Does it prevent me from going in the sun? No. I don’t live in a bubble. I look forward to spring each year and love the long, lazy days of summer. To alleviate some of my suffering, I do have to take precautions well in advance of going out in the sun. However, even when I am cautious, sometimes it gets me anyway, which is frustrating.

I like to joke that it’s because I’m a delicate flower. But, really, I blame my mom. She doesn’t have any sun allergies, but she’s allergic to so many things. Sadly, I was the only one out of my siblings to be cursed with any allergies. Unfair? You bet!

I Can’t Stand Coffee

I live in the land of rainy weather, gray skies and coffee. The people here practically have their coffee on an I.V. drip, but I’ve never liked it. I don’t like the taste or the smell of it. It tastes bitter to me and in the words of my daughter, “it takes like sadness.”

I am often the only person in the room that doesn’t like coffee. It happens to be one of those things that people just do not believe.

I get a lot of, “But have you tried it this way?” Or, “don’t go <there>, that coffee is terrible, you need to go <here>.” It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee it is. It’s still coffee. Cold brewed? Nope. Mocha or latte? Vanilla, hazelnut, Tik Tok inspired? Just, no.

I really appreciate everyone for being so concerned about me and trying to lure me over to the dark side, but I’m really ok. I don’t feel like my life is diminished in any way by not liking coffee. I’m perfectly happy leaving it to the rest of you. You’re welcome.

Behind the Blog: Who’s Next?

This was fun! While I am a private person, I am so happy to have shared a little more about who I am as the person Behind the Blog. I enjoy writing Let’s Grow Mom and hope that you continue to stay on the journey with me.

I appreciate your time and hope that you will take a bit more to read about the people I am tagging to join in the fun.

I’m Tagging…

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Off you go everyone! Tag! You’re it! Please don’t feel obligated to participate, but I sure hope you will. I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you.

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I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Share something that I don’t know about you!

38 thoughts on “Behind the Blog: A Little About Me”

  1. This was so wonderful to read more about you! It’s brilliant that you became a mum in your 40s (I’m 43 and it never happened for me so I’m working on being okay with that). Having a Sun allergy doesn’t sound fun at all but it’s great that you don’t let it stop you getting out and about!

    Thank you so much for taking part in the tag!

    1. Thank you for asking me to take part! It’s been the highlight of my blogging journey so far. I appreciate being a mom and I’m sorry that it didn’t happen for you. There isn’t anything I can say that you haven’t already heard or thought about that, but I do hope you find peace for yourself. And, yes, a sun allergy is no fun. It’s not as bad when I take care of myself, but boy do I pay for it when I don’t. Thank goodness for sunscreen. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

      ~ Cassie

  2. Such interesting facts! Sorry to hear about your sun allergy – but it’s great that you’ve learned what precautions work so you can still go out and enjoy it to the best of your ability! Also cool about becoming a mum in your 40’s, I think it’s so important to show that being a Mum at various ages is so normal because there’s so much pressure to do it all before 30!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      The sun allergy can be an inconvenience but it could always be worse. My mom is allergic to chocolate and that’s just unacceptable! I agree about showing moms at all ages. More women are waiting to have kids, so the number of women who do it after 35 is growing every year. The ‘right’ time to become a parent differs for everyone. I think if we just ensure the support is there when it happens, society will be better off. Because, as you said, there is so much pressure to do it before 30 and judgement when you wait.

      ~ Cassie

  3. I always enjoy reading about my fellow bloggers and tag posts, particularly in the early days before you develop your voice and social media presence, are a great way to do this. I became a mum in my 40’s too, after coming to terms that it wasn’t going to happen, so I completely feel you and I agree, I’m blessed too!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      It’s nice to connect with a fellow over 40s mom in the wild! Isn’t life crazy sometimes. I like the tag posts too as a means of support and connection amongst the blogging community. It will definitely be nice to have it to look back on when I get further down the road in my journey. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

      ~ Cassie

  4. I really love this post! it is definitely great to “meet” you and this is such a fun way to “meet” you. I have heard about people being allergic to the sun, honestly with allergies theres just no limit…. I definitely know that. I am so severely allergic to cedar that I can’t even be around a cedar scented candle! The coffee thing I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be pressured and thats okay, for me… I am one almost hooked to an IV lol.

    Thank you for such an awesome post and for thinking to tag me!

    1. Hi Lisamarie!

      A cedar allergy is a new one to me. I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to wood before. But, like you said, with allergies, there’s really no limit. I knew someone who was allergic to seasoning. All food had to be plain. I guess we all have our cross to bear. I’m looking forward to what we get to learn about you!

      ~ Cassie

  5. Children stories fascinate me. I didn’t know you’re a novelist. Congrats on getting pregnant then, woah these tests. Sun block is your friend. And yes, I can’t stand anything to do with coffee too even from a distance haha! Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

    1. Hi Isa,

      Thank you for referring to me as a novelist. I never considered myself one. I tried to get it published and have the stack of rejection letters, but it didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll do it myself one day. I absolutely love that I have a kindred spirit in the anti coffee department. I am usually all on my own. Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it.

      ~ Cassie

  6. This was such a fun post to read! I completely empathize with your struggles of PCOS- I also have the same syndrome and was terrified throughout my whole pregnancy that I would not be able to carry it through. But I did :). I also have two older sisters who BOTH, yes I said both, got pregnant at the age of 40. They say the same; “what was I thinking?” LOL. However, their experience was not as a first time mom so I can only imagine the spectrum of emotions you experienced during that time.

    Thank you so much for tagging me and sharing! I guess I better get started on my blog post, huh?

    1. I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with PCOS. It’s no fun. So happy that it didn’t affect your pregnancy. So many things for us to be worried about when it comes to carrying a healthy baby anyway, without the PCOS added to that. I can’t believe that both of your sisters had babies after 40. Good thing they were already aware of what it was all about, but that kind makes it worse, because they knew. I had a little bit of arrogance that my life experience and wisdom would ease things for me. Sheer hubris. I was a fool! I don’t think this is something you can plan for at any age. I get to hit send on this and head to your site to learn more about you now!! Yay!

      ~ Cassie

  7. So fun! It’s always interesting to get to know a little more about the bloggers behind blogs. And wow, a sun allergy! I can see how that would be an inconvenience but it seems like you have a pretty good handle on it. I totally get the coffee thing- some people love it and others just don’t like it! I’m in the camp of loving it…I had to switch to decaf but I still drink it every day haha!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for reading. I like how these tags personalize the blog and bring humanity to our words. Are you even allowed to say that you drink decaf out loud? I feel like that goes against some kind of coffee credo. Careful, they might confiscate your coffee mug for that one. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll share something about yourself soon.

      ~ Cassie

  8. I can’t stand coffee, either. I enjoy the smell on occasion, but I’d much rather enjoy the smell of my wax melts and/or my tea than brewed coffee. I enjoy smelling coffee beans, but I’ve never been pleased with the taste at all.

    1. Hi Izzy,
      Well, you’re one up on me. The smell doesn’t appeal, but the feeling of comfort that people get from the smell makes sense to me somehow. I love tea. It might not have the kick that people get from coffee, but I think it serves a similar purpose or feeling just in the sipping of the hot liquid. It kind of moves through your body. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      ~ Cassie

  9. I didn’t even know a person could be allergic to the sun. Fascinating! Also, you never know what life has in store for you – relating to your motherhood later in life 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle,
      You and me both. I was very slow to figure it out. I spent a lot of time outdoors my whole life. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s when it started causing me issues. Years after that before I connected the dots. You are so right about not knowing what life has in store. I realized that rather than being closed off, I need to stay open to possibilities and opportunities. Excited to see what’s next!

      ~ Cassie

    1. Hi Penny,
      Looking back now, I think that the best reason to write this post was to find people, like me, that don’t like coffee either! All my life, I was a lonely unicorn and after all this time, I discover that I’m not alone. What do you want to do with your passion for writing? Do you see yourself writing books?

      ~ Cassie

  10. This was a really great post sharing more about you. Amazing you became a mum in your 40s. I am 31 and so worried that time is passing me by. Me and my partner are wanting to get ivf. Thank you for sharing your post and it is great to learn more about the person behind the blog.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Becoming a mom has certainly been the adventure of my life. 31 feels so young to me, but it’s good that you are thinking about your path to motherhood now. By the time I became a mom, my options had been exhausted. By talking about it now and exploring your options, hopefully, you will have options. I hope that everything works out as you hope.

      ~ Cassie

  11. It was so nice to learn more about you! I always find these posts so interesting, so that we get to know each other! It’s so great that you became a mom in your 40s! I think that we should really think that being a mom can be done even after your 30s. I am sorry for the sun allergy, it must be hard to deal with but glad to read that prevention help you to enjoy time outside anyway x

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Thank you. Isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do when they want to? I won’t deny that there can be more challenges, but it’s great that women aren’t being made to feel like the HAVE to have kids before they’re ready. I applaud all of the celebs my age that waited. I’m ;pretty happy to get a handle on my sun allergy too. Spring is almost here and it’s one of my favorite months.

      ~ Cassie

  12. It was awesome to learn these facts about you. I find your pregnancy story simply delightful. What a gift from the universe. It shows us that what is meant to be will be against all odds. Also I’ll note down to never offer you coffee, haha.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! You’re so right. My pregnancy was definitely a gift. I smile more now than I ever imagined possible. I love how you said, “what is meant to be against all odds.” It’s definitely what her dad has always said. She was always coming into our lives, we just didn’t know it. And, I happily give any coffee allotted to me, to you.

      ~ Cassie

  13. Interesting facts. And as a coffee lover – who barely can live without a coffee it is weird to hear and read that someone doesn’t like it at all. But since I have the same feelings about tea (I can only drink it while sick) – I can understand and respect that. Tastes are different. So sorry to hear about your sun allergy! This sounds like a harsh one.

    1. Thank goodness tastes are different, otherwise, we might all be going for the same thing and that would be chaos! You can have the coffee and I will take the tea. Perfect balance. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.

      ~ Cassie

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