My personal journey as a mom, woman and human being on this planet will be shared here. My life is evolving in crazy and unexpected ways. I invite you to join me for the ride.


Motherhood Mindset - Mom looking ad young daughter. Daughter looking at camera and smiling.

Motherhood Mindset Makeover

How Being a Better Mom Starts with the Way You Think Do you ever stop to think about what kind of mom you are? I do. Like most mom’s I wonder how I’m doing. If she could give me a review, what would she say? Since she’s a little too young for that, it’s time …

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2 women laughing and using their hair as moustaches living an authentic life

Living an Authentic Life

Embrace Who You Are and Be Unapologetically You What a time it is to be alive! More and more, we are living in a time of acceptance, self-assurance and personal ownership. Society is ever so slowing adapting and allowing people to be themselves. Or, it might be that we no longer care what society thinks. …

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behind the blog rain drops bouncing off the cement and rocks

Behind the Blog: A Little About Me

4 Surprising Facts About Me As anyone familiar with blogging may know, it can be a lonely venture. Thankfully, the blogging community is amazing! The opportunity to foster relationships with other bloggers has been an important part of the experience for me. Depending on your niche, the person behind the blog may be invisible. In …

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