children playing in the rain - 3 elementary aged kids wearing shorts and t-shirts (2 girls and one boy) running, playing and laughing in the summer rain.

The Benefits of Children Playing in the Rain

9 Great Ways for Your Kids to Have Fun in the Rain

Don’t let your kids get the rainy day blues. A change in weather shouldn’t stop kids from having fun. For children, playing in the rain can bring hours of fun for your little ones.

As summer turns to fall and the weather cools down, we welcome the rain. For many families, this means it’s time to come indoors. But, for those of us where rain is the norm, it’s time for playing in the rain.

Full disclosure? I love the rain. The sound of rain on the leaves or falling on the roof makes me happy. Maybe it has something to do with being born in the fall. Or, maybe it’s because I live in a rainy place.

All I know is that I find the rain comforting.

Now that I’m a mom, I am raising my little rain baby. For her sanity and mine, I regularly send her out to play in the rain. So far, she seems to enjoy it.

Even better, it’s good for her.

I bet you never considered that playing in the rain is good for your kids. Read on to see how.

Benefits of Playing in the Rain

Kids playing outdoors is good for their physical and mental health.

In fact, when it comes to playing in the rain, children improve balance and coordination when playing on slippery surfaces. The rain challenges them to think about how to play safely.

Play is an important part of kid’s self-care. This does not change when it’s raining. Being outdoors, no matter the weather, is good for regulating mood and improving sleep.

Also, it’s important for kids to see what happens in the world around them. When it rains, kids have a chance to experience another side of nature.

Different things happen in the rain. For one thing, worms, typically hidden from site in the soil, rise to the surface. Slugs come out too. This brings out the birds looking for a little snack.

And, if you think about it, without rain, there is no life. It refreshes our crops, refills our water systems and makes the world around us more beautiful.

Rain for Mental Health

There must be a reason why the sound of rainfall is added to sound machines for babies and adults. Take a look on YouTube and there are thousands of videos with rain as the background for sleep and meditation.

Why? Rainfall is considered pink noise. The sound is soothing. It’s calming without being intrusive or obstructive. You can easily listen to the rain and be productive.

When it comes to children playing in the rain, releasing the energy that’s bottled up from being indoors lifts their spirits.

Your children gain confidence playing in the rain. They learn where their boundaries are, helping them feel more grounded and capable in their surroundings.

A little, wet weather doesn’t concern kids. They aren’t bothered by wet hair and the inevitable wet foot prints in the house.

I’m sure many people would argue against rain being good for mental health. For a lot of people the rain is a downer.

Seasonal Affect Disorder (S.A.D.) gives some people depressive thoughts and feelings in dark, winter months. It’s the lack of sunlight, gray tones from low hanging clouds and the isolation from being indoors that gets to them.

S.A.D. is a horrible and agonizing truth for some people. If that’s the case, it makes sense why the rain may not be your thing.

But, if that’s not a challenge for your kids, encourage them to explore and have fun. It will do them good.

Additional Benefits of Children Playing in the Rain

  • Limits Screen Time
  • Exercise
  • Sparks Creativity
  • Builds Confidence
  • Increases Self-awareness
  • Improves Problem Solving
  • Helps Critical Thinking
  • Risk Taking
  • It’s Fun!
children playing in the rain- young kids in yellow rain coats playing with paper boats in rain puddles
Rainy day fun. Origami boat races! | Photo by: FatCamera, Getty Images Signature

Activities for Kids Playing in the Rain

When you see children playing in the rain, what do you see? Pure joy, right?

Kids have the ability to fully immerse themselves in any and all experiences they encounter. They don’t concern themselves with things like running makeup or messed-up hair.

Children live in the moment – looks be damned!

If your child has a love of the water, don’t wait for summer. Let them loose in the rain with these fun activities.

  1. Jumping in Puddles
  1. Dancing in the Rain
  1. Leaf Boat Races / Origami Boat Races
  1. Nature Walk (listen to the sound the rain makes on different surfaces)
  1. Rain Art Activities
  1. Color Change Toys
  1. Fun with Mud (mud pies, mud painting, mud warrior face paint)
  1. Trail Riding (older kids)
  1. Rubber Duck Races (down streams of water)

When it is time to come inside, a nice mug of hot chocolate is the perfect drink to talk over your kids rainy day adventures with them.

Takeaways of Children Playing in the Rain

Convinced? Ready to give playing in the rain a fair shot? Sure, you may get wet if you’re unprepared, but that’s a small price to pay.

You may not love the rain as much as I do, but you have to admit it has it’s charms.

The rain cleanses the Earth around us. It’s refreshing and soothing. Rainfall brings different aspects of nature to life in a way that that sun doesn’t.

Not only that, but the rain helps kids improve their motor skills and enhances their creativity. Kids learn how to take risks and problem solve by playing in the rain.

Those are just a few reasons why your children playing in the rain is a good thing.

With rain, you get mud! As much as it may be annoying for anyone doing the laundry, kids are supposed to get dirty. A little dirt is actually good for their immune systems.

And, if you’re of the mind that rain, or getting wet, gives you a cold? That’s not true. Illness in the cold, wet weather comes from viruses. So, don’t let the fear of getting a cold hold you back.

Some people are inconvenienced with getting wet and the possible disruption to their outdoor plans. Yes, both may happen.

But, don’t think of it as an inconvenience. Think of it as an experience. Dress your kids in their rain gear and put yours on as well and join them for a little healthy, splashy, family fun!

How do you feel about the rain? Do you encourage your kids to play in it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Children Playing in the Rain”

    1. I’m so happy that you agree with me. I love the all-in-one suits! I had them for my kiddo too until she grew out of them. They aren’t as common as they start to get a little older. I am in full support of splashing in the rain. It’s like pure joy!

      ~ Cassie

  1. Great post Cassie. I love the sound of the rain too and also find it comforting when we are indoors. My children have been known to play out in the rain too – they both love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Where I live, if you didn’t enjoy going out in the rain, you would spend a lot of time indoors. I love that your kids don’t mind the rain, Jade. It’s so much fun to splash about and just breathe in that fresh air. I agree that it’s also nice to enjoy from indoors, especially when you can still hear it falling on leaves outside the window.

      ~ Cassie

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