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Awesome Relaxation Ideas for Stressed Out Moms

37 Great Ways for You to De-Stress in 30 Minutes or Less

Relax. It’s easier said than done, right mama? When you’re feeling stressed out, here are a few relaxation ideas for stressed out moms that can help release the tension.

Let’s talk about stress mommies. It happens to you and me. Stress is a common emotion felt by all parents.

You get pulled in all directions, all the time. There are times when the worry and responsibility of parenting can be too much.

That’s when stress sets in and you need to relax and lift your spirits.

When it comes to releasing that tension, it’s not always a simple choice. For some, the challenge is in finding the time to de-stress. It’s all too easy to fill that time in caring for others while neglecting your own needs.

I’m here to tell you that time is not an excuse. Everyone can manage 30 minutes or less for themselves, can’t you? Don’t you think you deserve that?

How Do You Calm Down a Stressed Mom?

If you have a stressed mom in your life, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s something you can do for her.

How? By offering help and support, that’s how. If you live in the same household, make sure you’re sharing the load.

Do your part. Help by cooking, cleaning and shopping.

Walk the dog. Fold the laundry. These are easy things you can do whether you’re friend or family, in the home or outside of it.

If there are little ones, offer to spend time with the kids. Better yet, offer to babysit regularly. Let mom get out of the house on her own for a few hours each week. That would be good for mom and the kiddos.

Speaking of the kids, she might also appreciate help shuttling them from activity to activity as well. Jump in and takeover carpool a few days a week.

As much as you can, don’t poke the bear… the mama bear, that is. Avoid adding anything else to her plate that she has to manage.

Relaxation Ideas for Moms

Moms, you know how hard it is to find the time to relax. As the pulse of the family, it’s important for you to be able to wind down.

There are a lot of different paths to deal with stress management.

Options range from calming to exhilarating. Your mood and time may determine the best activity for you.

It’s important to find a way to manage your mental health and well-being before getting burned out. Stress is like an over blown balloon… if you keep adding more and more air, eventually it will burst.

For me, it’s the noise that gets to me. It can be constant and over-stimulating, drowning out all thought. Quiet, repetitive activities can be calming to the mind and body.

Not all noise is bad. White noise, pink noise and brown noise create an ambient, peacefulness that easily fades into the background. These noises aren’t distracting and can help with anxiety and sleep.

This list was made with 3 things in mind… it’s quick (30 minutes or less), easy and virtually quiet. While not exactly noise-free, you will relax to ‘colorful’ noise produced by these activities.

Indoor Relaxation Activities

Rather than trying to get some outside, busy moms may find it easier to fit in an indoor activity. When you have a few minutes, pick something on the list and give it a go.

Many of the ideas allow for easy involvement with the kids. It’s a teaching moment for self-care for kids. Include them if/ when needed, but you also need time to yourself as well.

Nap time, bed-time, or even when the kids are playing independently, take a few minutes for yourself and your mental health.

Don’t complicate things. Breathe. Stretch. Sit quietly for a few minutes. Oftentimes, the simple choice it the best one in the moment.

1. Deep Breathing

2. Meditation

3. Drawing/ Coloring

4. Blowing Bubbles & Watching them Drift

5. Kneading Bread

6. Journaling

7. Staring at a Fire or Flickering Candle

8. Knitting/ Crocheting

9. Painting

10. Throwing Pottery

11. Sanding/ Carving Wood

12. Listening to low tonal, repetitive music

13. Braiding/ Plaiting hair

14. ASMR Videos

15. Sipping a Hot Drink (tea, hot chocolate, coffee, hot toddy)

16. Stretching

17. Yoga

18. Foot Bath/ Foot Massager

19. Sauna

20. Hot Bath/ Hot Tub

21. Unplug

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Outdoor Relaxation Activities

Some of these activities, like watching the sunset, can be done indoors or outdoors. However, being outdoors has an immediate effect on the soul.

When possible, go outside. Look around and take it all in. Listen to the birdsong in the morning. Smell the rain on the air.

Take a deep breath and stretch, reaching up to the sky. That alone can be a stress reliever.

22. Floating (River/ Pool)

23. Lap Swimming

24. Take a Nature Walk

25. Tai Chi

26. Take a Scenic Drive

27. Gardening

28. Enjoy a Scenic View

29. Watching Waves Crash

30. Taking a Walk on the Beach Barefoot

31. Listening to the Waves

32. Fishing

33. Watch the Sunrise/ Sunset

34. Stargaze

35. Rainfall (Listening/ Watching)

36. Watching Fall Leaves

37. Watching Snowfall

Concluding: Relaxation Ideas for Stressed Out Moms

What do you do when you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you have a ‘go-to’ activity to help you relax?

This might sound strange, but recently, I enjoyed detangling my daughter’s, doll’s hair. Combing it until it was tangle-free and soft was relaxing.

It’s far different than getting the tangles out of your vocal, wiggly child. That is the very opposite of relaxing! Will it be something I do regularly? Probably not. But, in the moment, it got the job done.

This list of relaxation ideas for stressed out moms can help everyone release the pressure. If you don’t have the time, or more importantly, don’t take the time to check-in with your own well-being, that’s a problem.

The ideas shared here can be done in 30 minutes or less. Take a few minutes here and there throughout the day if needed.

Unwinding is part of self-care. Shut out the noise and free your mind.

Committing to self-care is an investment in your mental health and the happiness and well-being of your family.

Managing your stress will keep you grounded and in control of your emotions.

If you want to free your mind and space out for a while, give this list a try. Add it to the tools you frequently tap into to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Before you go, do me a favor. Sit up straight, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, letting each one out s l o w l y.

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Relaxation Ideas for Stressed Out Moms”

  1. These are some really great suggestions to help you relax when you are feeling stressed. I like to spend time with family and my partner, journal, watch tv shows or films that I love and have a bit of a pamper. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Lauren, I’m glad that you have some things to do to help you relax. I go for a bit of tv watching myself. It’s a nice escape. And, journaling is a good way to work out your thoughts and feelings. Thanks for reading!

      ~ Cassie

  2. I love these suggestions Cassie. I agree with you, as a mum, it’s so important to fit in time for self care. I’m better at this when my daughter is at school, but with the summer holidays and her going to bed later than usual, I’m finding it tough. I journal every morning while they are having their breakfast and I think I’m going to read and meditate before bed tonight – even if it’s just for a few minutes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Jade! I’m just like you! I have a hard time with finding time for myself during the summer break. It’s hard enough fitting it in during the school year, but during the summer, it feels impossible sometimes. Journaling is a great way to get check-in and care for yourself. That’s a great habit to have. I plan on starting meditation here as well for me and for the little one. I’m hoping it helps her feel more grounded and in control. Thank you so much for reading.

      ~ Cassie

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