Scheduling Self Care for Busy Moms

4 Easy Steps to Putting “You” First

How does a busy mom make time for herself? By putting it on the calendar, of course! That’s why scheduling self care for busy moms may be the only way to make it happen.

Self care is something that we know is important, while also being something easily put off. Moms are as guilty of this as anyone else and they would benefit from doing it. Scheduling is a helpful method of time management for all moms.

The idea here is simple. When you schedule an appointment, it gains a level of importance in your life. People seem to be wired to be more accountable to others than they are to themselves.

  1. Decide What You Need
  2. Determine How Much Time You Have
  3. Schedule Childcare
  4. Book Your Appointments

In that light, busy moms, by scheduling your self-care activities in advance, you will be more likely to follow-through.

Step 1: Decide What You Need

What do you need? Fun? Is it relaxation? Do you want to feel good? What will make you feel whole? The goal is to nurture your well-being.

Think about the type of self-care activities that feed your soul and lift you up or help you relax.

Considering those activities, which ones can you schedule in advance? Remember, when thinking about scheduling, it’s about what requires another person, business, or group to participate.

It can be someone you book for a massage, a class you want to take or time with a group of friends. Think of it as an opportunity to do something you already enjoy or find a new class or experience to try out.

Step 2: Determine How Much Time You Have

You know what you’d like to do. Or at the very least you know what will fuel your well-being, so how much time do you have?

Really think about it. It’s important to learn how to make time for yourself. We’ll get to the details of how to fill that time later.

For now, how much time can you realistically invest in “you”. Is it one hour, once a week? Is it 3 hours every other week?

Set aside the excuses or reasons why you are needed elsewhere. The first person that needs you is you. This is about you. You will not be at your best as a mom if you don’t invest in yourself. To avoid parental burnout, moms need to relax, replenish and refresh more than anyone.

Now that you’ve been reminded how important you are, do you know how much time you will give to yourself? Are you sure?

Good. Lets move on.

Step 3: Schedule Childcare

There’s a sound argument for listing this as Step 1. Because, getting a babysitter is self-care all on its own. Some moms find it mentally and emotionally hard to voluntarily take time away from their kids. I can understand that.

But, I also know that time away, just for you, is important for your well-being.

So, as you think about scheduling your self care, organizing a babysitter should be right up there.

Start here, that way, even if other plans fall through, the opportunity is still there for something else. Remember, you still have someone coming to watch the kid(s). You could always see a movie or take a drop-in class or meet a friend for a drink during this time.

And, think beyond today or this week. Find a sitter that you can put on the books every Saturday morning, or Tuesday evening for a few hours. Once you do that, lock it down.

You are doing yourself and the babysitter a favor here. You get personal time, they get a paycheck.

Step 4. Book Your Appointments

Notice that it says appointments… plural. Schedule several, weeks in advance if you can. It can be the same activity or several different ones.

Hopefully, you already know how much time you can devote per week or per month. I wouldn’t suggest waiting longer than that to get some free time. If you wait longer than a month, you will find a reason to keep putting it off.

Getting your self-care activities on the calendar will only help your organization.

Make it a mix between needs and desires. Add the activities that make you feel human, like hair cuts, manicures, massages. But, balance that with fun, like time with friends, or going to yoga.

Adding your personal time on the calendar also helps with setting expectations with your family. If it’s on the schedule, it becomes part of the family routine.

Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Here are a few ideas of things you can schedule in advance.

Remember it doesn’t have to be practical. Investing in your well-being can be something fun, relaxing or even something that just makes your life easier.

  • Schedule Your Trainer to Come During Nap time
    • If you can’t sleep when the baby does, it’s a good time to exercise
  • Book Your Mani/ Pedi Every 2-3 Weeks
    • Freshly painted nails just make you feel more put together
  • Schedule Deep House Cleaning Once a Year
    • Use the deep cleaning for an annual refresh
    • Or maybe having a cleaner come once a week or twice a month would help you out
  • Make an Appointment at the Hair Salon Every 6 weeks
    • If you have a favorite stylist, you know how hard getting a last minute appointment can be
    • Book it now and keep your date
  • Book a Massage Every Month
    • This may be a luxury but if you need it, do it
  • Get Flower Delivery Every Friday
    • Don’t wait for someone else to get you flowers, buy them for yourself!
  • Make a Waxing Appointment
    • Brows, bikini, legs, choose the date, time and body part now
  • Arrange Car Detailing Every 3 months/ 6 months
    • Yes this is self-care because..
  • Wine Delivery Every Month/ 3 months
    • A monthly subscription from a wine club will take care of this
    • In this instance, the babysitter will watch your child while you have wine with a friend
  • Book Lawncare Every 2-3 weeks
    • Feeling good in your environment is also part of well-being

I think you get the picture. Use the ideas shared here or come up with your own. Just be sure to block out the time, schedule it regularly and stick with your appointment.

To Recap Scheduling Self Care for Busy Moms

Think of self-care as personal accountability. It’s important that you know and really understand that you are worthy.

Those kids that love you so much need you to love yourself. The more content you are with yourself as a person, will impact who you are as a mother.

Make it social. Invite a friend or family member to join you. If you do, enjoy your time together; allow time for coffee, lunch or a drink afterward if you can.

You can show yourself love by following these 4 steps:

  1. Decide What You Need
  2. Determine How Much Time You Have
  3. Schedule Childcare
  4. Book Your Appointments

By thinking ahead, you are prioritizing your mental health and well-being. Making scheduling self care, part of your busy moms self care routine. When things get tough, you know another opportunity to do something for you, is right around the corner.

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2 thoughts on “Scheduling Self Care for Busy Moms”

  1. Bam, another fabulous post. It’s amazing how we skip scheduling what nurtures us. Failing to schedule is failing altogether 😄 I love your ideas and suggestions too, sometimes we feel blocked and no self care ideas come to mind besides the traditional ones. I like these a lot!

    1. Why thank you my dear! I can appreciate now, more than ever, how easy it is to “reschedule” your own needs in favor of others. It’s so important to do what fuels you and keeps you going. I feel like we just discount ourselves in favor of others and that’s such a shame. Hopefully, the tide will shift soon.

      ~ Cassie

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