Tailgate Gifts for Dad

5 Items for Tailgating Season

Thank goodness I caught you! Guess what time it is? That’s right! It’s almost time to tailgate. Not only that, it’s also time to celebrate dad. And this list of Tailgate Gifts for Dad will set him up for football season.

Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason, deciding on a gift for the women in our lives is easier than it is for the men. That doesn’t mean that the men we care for are any less deserving.

On the contrary, as a mom, daughter and sister, I am thankful every day for the amazing men in my life. In trying to think of something they might appreciate, sports came to mind.

With football season around the corner, it’s hard not to think about tailgating. It’s fun, social and a great way to get excited for the game!

This gift guide was curated with 5 items for tailgating season in mind. Let’s set the stage from the beginning of the day until the end.

Here we go!

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Do you feel it? The energy is building. It’s truly electric! Everyone is getting hyped! It doesn’t matter whether it’s your biggest rival or the underdog, every game is “The Big Game.”

Where do you tailgate? Parking lot, man cave, backyard… it doesn’t matter where your game is kicking off, setting the stage is a must!

Here are a few things to pull together to get the party started. Get the look and set the vibe.

1. The Look – TrueSportsFan.com

Any sports fan can tell you that you have to rep your team colors. Whether it’s a jersey, cap or knit wear, you have to look the part.

What happened in the off-season? Was your QB traded? If your favorite player is on another team, it’s time for a new jersey.

Truesportsfan.com has more options than you can imagine. They even have a package just for tailgaters so you can quickly grab what you need to rock the look for less.

What else do you need to add to your collection? Chairs? Tables? They have those. How about a flask? Yup, you can get that too.

They even have onesies for the littlest fans. My kiddo keeps growing out of her jersey’s so we need to get new ones every year.

It doesn’t matter what sport you like, there’s something for everyone! Shop for football now and check out the latest looks for basketball and soccer later.

2. The Entertainment – Schwetty Balls

There is time to kill before the game starts. There’s time to laugh, eat, drink… and play. Sure, you can play cards, pong or cornhole, but how about a little putt putt?

A little game of putt putt is a great way to get win some bragging rights with your friends before kickoff. In addition to the putting green and some clubs, you need golf balls.

Have you heard of Schwetty Balls? Ok, ok, I admit that the skit of SNL fame may initially come to mind. It did for me.

But this is “Schwetty” with two “t’s.” The brand is similar in name to that on the show, but, aside from the humorous name, it’s a practical gift for the golf lover or tailgate enthusiast.

Trust me when I say that the dad in your life wants to play with his very own Schwetty Balls. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

3. The Meats – ButcherBox

Mmm, meat! Can you even tailgate without meat? The taste. The smell. Yum!

There’s a primal feeling when it comes to grilling meat. In my family, manning the grill has always been the job of my dad and brothers.

Full disclosure, I have a little PTSD from when I almost blew myself and the house up as a teen. But, I’m getting back to it.

If you already have the perfect grill, now you just need something to put on it. Even though ButcherBox has steak, chicken and pork, it’s not all about meat. They have wild-caught seafood options as well.

With grocery prices out of control, I am constantly on the hunt for a deal. And, with summer grilling, I need deals on meat. I know I’m not alone. ButcherBox has what you’re looking for.

It’s already cut. Just throw on some seasoning and it’s a perfect choice for tailgating.

Game Time

There’s no such thing as a get together without music!

It’s the soundtrack of fun, adventure and joy! Even now, I can feel the warmth of the sun and hear the laughter of friends and the smell the aroma of BBQ. It’s just a whole vibe.

Before the game, bump those tunes for everyone to enjoy. But during the game…

4. The Beats- SoundSwell

You need your own personal sound system to keep you entertained and informed.

If you scored stadium seats, you know how loud it can be. Following the action can be a challenge. Take your SoundSwell headphones with you and you’re ready the play-by-play action.

Even better, not only are they waterproof headphones, but it’s also smartwatch compatible so you won’t miss a single call. So, when everyone else is worried about a rain delay, you’ll know better.

After the game, the SoundSwell headphones are a the perfect accessory for the active adult.

On a personal note, as a mom who’s child dropped my phone into water twice, waterproof is a necessity for my sanity.

Post Game

The game is over. This just means that you have work in the morning. You know what they say, if it’s Sunday — it’s football. The same is true after Monday and Thursday night football.

If you’re going to be ready for work tomorrow, you need a plan.

5. The Recovery – Hydrant

Everyone knows that the hardest part about a getting hyped up is the come down. Maybe you already have the cure for the sports day hangover.

My guess is that coffee and maybe some pain medication are on your list. But what your body really needs is hydration and to balance your electrolytes.

Hydrant has your post tailgate wellness covered. The Hydrant drink mixes are vegan and gluten free. They combine real fruit juice powder with different electrolyte mixes and no artificial sweeteners.

Reach for Hydrant when you need help with mental fog, fatigue, muscle cramps and even just a bad mood.

You may be dehydrated without even realizing it. Most people are. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your water, Hydrant is the answer.

Recap of Tailgate Gifts for Dad

It feels good to give to others. Buying presents for anyone should start with the recipient in mind. This list of Tailgate Gifts for Dad, is a great start for the sports fans in your life.

Sports fans are pretty easy to shop for… as long as you know their team. You do not want to get them something from a rival team.

If you aren’t sure what to get, strike up a casual conversation about what they would like to get. People collect caps and jersey’s but maybe they’re interested in a coat or hoodie.

Chances are, as long as you do right by their favorite team, you will bring some joy into their lives.

You could always get several small things and create a tailgate gift basket for dad. Toss in the golf balls, some drink mixers and a gift-pack of different hot sauces or grilling tools.

Or, arrange a unique experience for him to enjoy that also serves as self-care anyone would appreciate.

Gift giving provides an opportunity to show the people in our lives that we are thinking of them. To truly give a gift that someone will appreciate, you need to have them in mind.

Just knowing that you thought of them and gifted something they love will make their day.

Have you given a gift for dad that hit it out of the park? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Tailgate Gifts for Dad”

  1. This was a very different gift guide I’ve ever read. A unique idea. No doubt it’s difficult to gift men. But items of utility, comfort, and fun are what define men’s gift usually. Grilling is for men and I liked the 5th too, when all is over haha! Good one Cassie. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

    1. Hi Isa, Why thank you! I was aiming for different, glad it landed. I like how you summed up what they would enjoy, “utility, comfort and fun.” And yes, anything to help recover is also welcomed!

      ~ Cassie

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