The Benefits of Women’s Groups

Why Women’s Groups are Good for You

Are you part of any clubs or groups? How about a group just for women? This post will outline 9 Benefits of Women’s Groups and how you can get one started.

I hear from a lot of people that it’s hard to make friends as an adult. In my experience, that’s true. Busy lives, family time, and maybe a little self-consciousness makes it a challenge.

One of the easiest and most meaningful ways to connect with someone is through shared interests and experiences. And, one of the best ways to meet people that fit into that category is through a group.

You may have heard of or been a part of a women’s group through your church. Many churches and faith-based groups encourage the connection amongst women.

When I think of women’s groups, two come to mind. The first is support groups for moms (mommy and me) and the second is a book club. While both are great ways to connect with other women, there are other options to consider.

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Why is a Women’s Group Important?

Perhaps the only reason to join a group for any reason, is to share a common interest. It’s more fun to talk about your passion/ hobby with people who are in the know and share your interests than it is with those that don’t care.

When it comes to women, some environments are not as accepting of women as they should be. Despite strides made in the workforce, some industries remain dominated by men.

Additionally, there are also some experiences, like motherhood, that women share that most men do not.

For these reasons, connecting with other women experiencing the same things you are can be of great support. They can be there to celebrate, educate, guide and console if needed.

And, if you happen to move to a new place, it’s a good way to be welcomed into a new community.

Benefits of Joining a Women’s Group

  1. Like minds/ shared interests & goals
  2. Safe space to express yourself
  3. Support and encouragement
  4. Self-care and well-being
  5. Friendship/ socialization
  6. No judgement
  7. Learn something new
  8. Community
  9. Accountability

How Do You Start a Women’s Group

Starting a women’s group doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. I suggest you start with one or two people. They could even be people you already have in your life.

When you’re with friends, do you get excited about the same activities? Or, do you find yourselves talking about the same things? If so, that can be what your group is about.

If you’re looking to expand your circle, look to your routine. Do you currently take a class where you see the same people? You might see the same moms at the park each week.

If so, say “hi!” A simple hello opens the door to greater conversations. You can suggest meeting at the park at the same time each week. How about grabbing some coffee after class?

Just pick a couple of people to start and go from there. How big your group gets is up to you. It can be as formal or informal as suits your needs.

  • Start in Your Community – Invite people you already know to join you for an activity, drink, conversation
  • Expand Your Circle – Open it up from the start and post on Facebook Groups, Meetup or Nextdoor
  • Connect with other mom’s via the Peanut app
  • Word of Mouth – Ask current members to invite a friend, or let it grow organically
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Women’s Group Ideas

Your group can be broad or specific in nature. It may work to just get together with a group of women and explore different interests and ideas.

There’s no hard and fast rule here. You can have a general group of moms of all levels that may split off for side meetings with people that align with their current status.

But, if you’re interests are more intentional, the specific you are the better. A women’s professional support group may be far more beneficial if industry specific, for example.

  • Mommy Group – This is the most common idea and perhaps one of the most beneficial for many women. Women can connect on a basic motherhood level or niche down to women with kids the same age. The motherhood journey is a challenging one and finding an outlet for your thoughts, feelings and concerns can only be encouraged.
  • Professional Group – Are you in an industry dominated by men? Mentorship and support in male-centric professions can help women navigate their way through the sharks to success.
  • Hobby Club – Sharing your interests (Book, Cooking, Knitting) with others only enhances and enriches the experience.
  • Travel Club – Traveling can be intimidating for some women. If you’re single, or traveling with kids, support and companionship may be welcomed.

Additional Ideas for Women’s Groups

The type and number of groups available to you are only limited by your needs and imagination. Before joining a group, ask yourself what you need or what you’re missing from your life right now?

Do you care about something that you’d like to experience with like-minded people?

  • Adventure
  • Workout (Running, Cycling, etc.)
  • Wine Club
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Philanthropy
  • Activism
  • Bible Study/ Prayer Group
  • Divorce Support Group

Plan ways to stay connected in these turbulent times. Meet in person when you can, but include ways to engage with each other virtually as well. You definitely don’t want to start something great and then lose it if you are unable to meet in person.

Once you get up and running, think about how much fun you can have! Organize monthly or quarterly socials. Think about a retreat at some point in the future.

Concluding The Benefits of Women’s Groups

By now, you should clearly see the benefits of women’s groups.

Call it what you want, support group, women’s group, a club… having a place, reserved for you and your needs is good for women.

Remember, women are the pillars of the family. As women, it’s important that we invest in our personal care and well-being.

Your family only benefits from you being whole and happy.

Finding support through the fellowship of other women could be a helpful part of your self-care routine.

Where are you in your motherhood journey? You may be past the new mom’s phase. Maybe you’d benefit more from a group of women with kids closer in age to your children.

Perhaps you’ve been home for a few years and are planning a return to the workforce. How nice would it be to connect with other women experiencing the same transition.

Join a club or start a group that fulfills a need in your life, you will be better for it.

Are you part of a women’s group? If so, what kind of group and how does it enhance your life?

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Women’s Groups”

  1. I haven’t heard of any women’s groups in my area apart from the mother and baby groups – as you mentioned. I have only just started attending these groups though – I’m finding it’s helping my mental health as I’m relatively new to the area. Thanks for sharing. Jade MumLifeandMe

    1. Mommy/ baby groups are definitely the most commonly available in most areas. A “woman’s group” doesn’t have to be formerly titled like that. At the core, it’s a group of women coming together for a common purpose. Whether it’s that or something else, being able to find a group of like-minded people to provide support and socialization is so good for the well-being. I’m happy that you’re finding it helpful in your life. It’s such a great way to be welcomed into a new area. Thank you for stopping by Jade!

      ~ Cassie

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